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The best crypto exchanges – What I mean?

What’s the best crypto exchange I mean? you literally have hundreds to choose from and the last thing you want to do is send your funds to a dodgy exchange.

So on this website I’m going to give you the top six best crypto exchanges out. There I’ll compare them side by side and look at their pros and cons that way you can measure them up and find the ideal exchange for you. I also have some essential hints and tips that could drastically reduce your trading fees so. Before I get into this I need to cover my derriere. I am a proud Englishman, erudite scholar and crypto evangelist, but there is one thing – I am certainly not and that is a financial advisor.

Everything that you see on my website is for educational and illustrative purposes only. With that out of the way I want to say good day to all the new readers out there today. The name is guy your crypto guy and over here at the bureau my team of crack crypto scientists and I are on a mission to find a cure for crypto ignorance. So if you’re interested in levelling up that crypto knowledge then you’ll want to join our community by gently tapping that subscribe button and smashing that little bell. Let’s see which exchanges should you be considering.

Now I’m sure that many crypto veterans like myself are currently getting numerous whatsapp messages from old school friends and family members who haven’t been seen or heard from in years. Sure it would be great if those people just wanted to catch up however I’d wager that most are asking a single question – I hear you’re into crypto. . . What’s the best way to buy some of this stuff? Well aside from the fact that it’s probably a good idea to get thoroughly clued up on an asset class before you get exposure to it the truth is there is no straightforward answer to that question.

I mean we all live in different countries, want access to different cryptos, are interested in using different features and have different opinions. When it comes to mobile apps the point here is that there is no blanket answer to that classic question “what is the best crypto exchange”. So I want to be straightforward and say that these exchange picks are in no particular order doing otherwise would certainly be disingenuous. .

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