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Polkadot price prediction

Polkadot is one of the newer cryptocurrencies. It’s even more remarkable that the currency has achieved such success in such a short amount of time. Can we expect anything more from DOT in the near future? We’ll look at Polkadot’s future and predictions in this article.

Polkadot price prediction for the next few years

How do we think the next few years will go for us? Coinpriceforecast is a cryptocurrency analysis firm that provides long-term forecasts.

Polkadot price prediction 2022

Polkadot is expected to slowly increase in 2022, according to experts. By the end of 2022, DOT will have a price of €62.28.

Historical price analysis of Polkadot


The Polkadot project began in 2017 as an initial coin offering (ICO). This is similar to crowd funding for crypto projects, where you may be one of the first investors in a new cryptocurrency.

The Polkadot-ICO was a succesful event. Over 140 million € worth of DOT tokens were sold.

In 2018, Polkadot was unable to debut the project owing to financial problems. There were two more private investment rounds after that. In 2019, and again in 2020


The first supply of 10 million tokens turned out not to be a hard limit. In August, Polkadot was re-denominated, reducing the coins by a factor of 100. There is now a cap of 1 billion tokens instead of a limit of 10 million tokens.

On September 15, DOT was valued at around 4.50 Euros. The exchange rate reverted to 3.19 Euros. Polkadot fluctuated between 3 and 4 Euros until November.

Polkadot broke out at the end of the year. The DOT ended the year with a value of about 6 €.

Invest wisely

Polkadot is an exciting cryptocurrency, but keep in mind that the crypto market is notorious for its volatility. That’s why you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. We also advise that you conduct your own study. Best wishes!

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